Calendario 2021 30x30 Wallace & Gromit

Wallace & Gromit is a British Claymation comedy franchise, with 2 main characters living together, Wallace loves eccentric, good natured lover of cheese with his loyal, committed companion Gromit who communicates with body language and facial expressions. At first it was a short film made public in 1989 and has been a success ever since. A comical program with Wallace being the inventor creating these devices that do things that he never intended but are mostly based on real-life contraptions. Wallace's official job varies but he's always creating new inventions, he uses to help him with his adventures. Comically, it shows tat Gromit has graduated from 'dogwarts', meaning he is very smart and able to help his trusty owner. He is also very handy with electronic devices and a brilliant pilot who helps Wallace with his ventures. The calendar includes the two pictured across the months of the years, with their most classic poses and famous facial expressions which fans love. What better way to count down your year? This way you can be reminded of hilarious moments from the TV show, get yours now and begin your day with a smile as big as Wallace's.

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Book Title: Calendario 2021 30x30 Wallace & Gromit

Book Author: Vv.Aa

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ISBN: 183854481X